The founder of Htms, studied at the university of Houston in the 1970s, but her easy-going, romantic and innovative personality was not in harmony with the rigorous and rigid life of the university. Therefore, he made a bold attempt and decided to set up his own brand "Htms" based on his personal understanding of fashion.
     Htms means "Hold on to my style" and she hopes that everyone in the new era can be bold and innovative and stick to their own unique characteristics. Htms combines the features of western facial contour and aesthetic taste, and absorbs popular elements into the design. With exquisite craftsmanship and excellent quality.

      Htms skillfully combines the beauty of fashion with unique self-style. It is more like a life attitude, a life proposition and a life style. Modern trend of life should be multi-level, all-round, people pursue different life experience and life experience, only to constantly master change, adapt to change, in the change to show the female male external and internal perfect temperament and color, can show their charm in all aspects.

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